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        Huaihua Wangda Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

        Huaihua Wangda Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

        Product name thiosemicarbazide
        Also known as 1-Aminothiourea; 1-Amino-2-Thiourea; 2-Thiosemicarbazide; 3-thio-semicarbazid; Aminothiourea; 1-amino-2-thioure; ai3-16319; aminothio-urea; 1-(aminosulfanyl)urea; TSC; N-Aminothiourea
        English name


        Molecular formula


        CAS NO. 79-19-6
        Molecular weight 91.13
        Molecular structure
        Product nature White or light yellow crystalline powder, soluble in water and ethanol, easily reacts with aldehydes and ketones to form specific crystal products, and easily reacts with carboxylic acids;
        Specification (Enterprise standard: Q/HSC 0012006)
        Exterior This product is a white crystalline powder.
        Storage Store in a cool, ventilated place, isolated from fire and oxidants; For details, please refer to our product technical data MSDS: Thiosemicarbazide, 99%
        Package Cardboard drum lined with plastic bag, 25 Kg/barrel; or according to customer requirements.
        Use This product is mainly used as a synthetic raw material for pharmaceuticals and pesticide intermediates.

        Melting point:178℃~181℃

        Main content:≥99%

        Loss on drying:≤0.5%